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The Coolest Pool in Africa? Quite Possibly at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Tanzania


Swim up bar… for elephants

Hotel pools are a huge draw for guests. #PoolPorn is a real thing. There are pools with lazy rivers and water slides for children. There are pools that overlook dramatic scenery. Some have swim-up bars. But the infinity pool at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti in Tanzania might be the most amazing hotel pool I’ve ever seen. Because it features swim-up bar for elephants and zebras instead of the human guests.

Time lapse of the watering hole at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in the Serengeti

The Four Seasons Safari lodge pool overlooks a watering hole which is heavily used by herds of elephants and zebras and other wildlife in the area, much to the delight of guests who can watch the action from their lounge chairs or while in the water.


The lazy man’s safari– complete with bathrobe at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge

There is separation in elevation so that guests swimming in the pool have a great vantage point but are still at a safe distance from the enormous animals.


Infinity pool overlooking an elephant at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge

The pool and the surrounding area, including an outdoor restaurant, make for the ultimate lazy person’s safari. Many of the hotel rooms and suites also have views of the watering hole action from their windows or balconies.


A thirsty herd of elephants headed towards the watering hole

The watering hole action is busiest during the dry season, when water is more scarce in the plains of the Serengeti.


Zebras and elephants sharing the watering hole

While herds of zebras and elephants would use the watering hole at the same time, they did not mix. The zebras stuck together and so did the elephants.

A fawn non-plussed by the action at the watering hole

Pool porn is a competitive thing in the luxury hotel industry, and the Four Seasons Safari Lodge has gone seriously next level with it’s watering hole next to the pool design.


A local elephant taking a dip

The watering hole is man made, but is more popular than the natural watering hole on the ground that can only be viewed from a few high end suites.


Infinity pool + elephants = win

The hotel’s restaurant has seating outside near the pool, so guests can enjoy the view and poolside safari action throughout their stay. The friendly waitstaff has no problem bringing a cocktail to your lounge chair if you’d like to sip on a gin & tonic while watching the wildlife. It’s the ultimate passive safari for a day you need a break from the bumpy roads of Serengeti National Park.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

Central Serengeti, Serengeti National Park,

P.O. Box 14321 Arusha  Tanzania

Lodge Reservations +255 (0) 768 982 101/2

Front Desk +255 768 981 981

Reservations Manager +255 (0) 768 982 100


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Photo Safari & Philanthropy at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

I am tremendously lucky to be able to have experienced a few luxury safaris in my life. But I am also a Hollywood Liberal, and I feel much better about spending my money at a place that not only provides great guides, excellent game viewing and comfortable surroundings, but at a place with a strong philanthropic bent. Kwandwe is such a place.

At Kwandwe, they are serious about the conservation of the land and the wildlife, and about responsible tourism. They lead by example. More important, Kwandwe is also dedicated to making humans lives better too. In a part of the country where one third of the households survive on an income of less than $25 US per month, poverty is serious. The owners of Kwandwe started a rural development trust, The Angus Gilles Foundation, which aims to help the local rural community living in poverty by helping members create opportunities for themselves and helping them acheive them. They provide real opportunities for rural communities by teaching self-reliance and empowerment. I even bought one of the adorable  Unthando Dolls made by a collective of local women.

Uthandu dolls

Uthandu dolls

Here are some additional safari photos:

First set is animals in Africa:

A trip of elephantselephant

A trio of elephants

Bull elephant eatingElephant picture

Scenes from a safari: Bull elephant eating a pork bush tree (also known as spek boom, a succulent that grows readily at Kwandwe and also has enormous environmental benefits to combat Carbon emissions).

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Kwandwe Safari Photos in Black and White

Lion on safari

The wildlife here at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa has been amazing thus far.
Besides the rain, there have been some technical difficulties including intermittent blackouts, and spotty Internet connectivity.

This means I haven’t have not been able to post as frequently as I would like. But I wanted to share with you a few beautiful black and white safari shots I got today.

Lion on safari

Animals in Africa: “Lion on safari”

Cape Buffalo- One of the Big Five game animals
Cape Buffalo – One of the Big Five game animals

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