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Exploring the Eldhraun Lava Field in Iceland

Nordic Little Red Riding Hood

Exploring Iceland’s second-largest lava field, Eldhraun, was like being transported into some moody Nordic fairytale. Discovering and photographing Eldhraun was an unexpected joy in southern Iceland. I wouldn’t have found this highly photogenic area without the help of my photo guide, Jorunn of Iceland Photo Tours who took Anastasia and I here on the first day of our Two Day Photo Tour of The Glacial Lagoon.

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Scenes from Eldraun: Woolly fringe moss grows thick as a futon over lava rock

Moss has grown thick as a mattress on the rocky craters of lava, which date back to an eruption from 1783-84, when Iceland was still part of the Danish Kingdom. The Eldhraun lava field covers about 218 square miles (565 square kilometers) of ground in southern Iceland.



Left: Anastasia exploring Eldhraun Right: a crevice in the Eldhraun lava field

Now there is plant life peeking through the woolly fringe moss (scientific name Racomitrium lanuginosum) adding unexpected pops of color to this already moody and magical landscape.

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Yellow leaves in the wooly moss

With the skies shifting colors, I keep expecting to see Jon Snow, or at least a wildling or five.

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Left: Ana wandering through Eldraun Right: Red rain coat in Iceland’s second largest lava field

Having Anastasia wear a red raincoat added some extra contrast and interest to the landscape and transformed her into a Nordic Little Red Riding Hood.


Plant life amidst the wooly moss of Eldhraun

The crew of the Apollo 11 (US astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) practiced before their moonlanding on this otherworldly landscape.

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Searching for trolls in  the Eldhraun 

In 2014 a new eruption created the Holuhraun lava field, which is now the biggest in Iceland. It’s also located in the Icelandic Highlands.


The starkly beautiful moody landscape of Eldraun

 Eldhraun means “fire lava.”

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Red Rain Coat in the Eldraun Lava Field in Iceland

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A Peek at the Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort St. Lucia

Sugar Beach’s Rainforest Spa

Having a nice spa at luxury resort that caters to honeymooners isn’t unusual… but having a spa made of treehouse treatment rooms with a very Robinson Caruso chic vibe in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site is.

Wooden Walkway at the Rainforest Spa

Left: Loved the tropical island style of these light fixtures Right: Overhead fans keep things breezy in the treatment rooms

The indoor outdoor waiting room

Many treatment rooms opened up to rainforest or waterfall views

My deep tissue massage was highly relaxing and the nice way to spend an afternoon in St. Lucia. The couples treatment room even has an attached waterfall and hot soaking tub.

The treehouse treatment rooms are named after local trees

Left: The spa feels a bit like the Ewok village from Star Wars, minus the Ewoks Right: Old ruins from the Sugar Plantation at the Rainforest Spa

Peeking into the Rainforest Spa’s outdoor waiting room.

Rainforest Spa

Open daily from 9am-7pm

Reservations:+1 758 456 8000 ext 8048

You can check Rainforest Spa Menu here

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