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My Travels in Full Colour: The Capture the Colour PhotoBlogging Travel Competition Contest

I was honored and a bit surprised when Dave Bouskill of The Planet D nominated me for The Capture the Colour PhotoBlogging Travel Competition presented by

After looking into the online photo contest, I found I respected the work of all the judges. The prizes are legit, multiple and substantial. £ 2000 for travel is the Grand Prize (that’s $3,118.23 US by today’s XE conversion rate), and the winner of each of the main color categories wins an iPad 3.

The travel competition requires me to publish a blog post that features photo images that feature each of the 5 colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Red.

*Yes! I’m spelling “colours” the British way because that is how this contest rolls. Feel free to read this post with a fake British accent a la Madonna. Or in cockney rhyming slang.

Here are the images I chose to enter. I hope you like them.

Blue: The Pool at the hotel Santorini, Greece

Santorini Hockney Pool Blue

I shot this image on a bright but cold October day at resort in Santorini, Greece.  It was at the tail end of the tourist season and last weekend this particular hotel was open before it closed down for winter. It was one of those romantic, honeymoon type resorts and I was traveling with my BFF, Zan. I had tried to get into the pool myself but the water temp was far too bracing for my taste.  I remember lying on a chaise lounge next to Zan, soaking up the sun. When a man dove in, I picked up my camera and took a picture and told her it looked like a David Hockney painting. She agreed. We went back to eating delightful Greek food.

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