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EyeEm Spotlight

Rainy Day at the Admiral's Club at Heathrow

Rainy Day at the Admiral’s Club at Heathrow

I’m honored to be included in the the EyeEm Spotlight Follow Friday Blog in the company of some very talented mobile photographers. Please check it out and look at some stunning mobile photography images from around the world.

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Impressions of a trip to Sakkara and Giza

No Trip to Egypt would be complete without seeing the The Great Pyramids of Giza. 110 pyramids are known in Egypt although some are more famous than others. They are absolutely the one “must see” if you visit the country.

A pyramid at Sakkara in Memphis, autostich

An auto-stitch iPhoneography panorama of Pyramid of Djoser (Sakkara)

On our second day of touring, we set out to visit the ancient site of Sakkara, also known as the “The Pyramid of Djoser.” Sakkara is one of the most significant relics of ancient Egypt. It’s important because it pre-dates the more famous and flashy great pyramids of Giza. Sakkara is old school as far as pyramids go, and you can go inside this one.

Road Trip to GizaFist bump at the pyramids

Egypt tourist attractions

While our day trip to Alexandria was frustrating because of disruptions “because of the revolution” this day highlighted one of the benefits of traveling to a country in the midst of a revolution: there are virtually no tourists and we had the complex  almost entirely to ourselves.

Camel between 2 pyramidsCamel Close up

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Marrakesh Express (Romantic vacation)

If you visit the blog regularly you probably remember I recently had a whirlwind trip to Marrakesh, Morocco. Marrakesh is an enchanting place for a romantic getaway.

Here’s an express video trip through Marrakesh. It was shot on location at Riad Farnatchi (where I stayed),

Riad Farnatchi, hotel porn, bedroom, iPhoneography, IPH100, Camera+ Night at a Riad, iPhoneography, Marrakesh

Another room at Riad FarnatchiRiad Farnatchi, keychain, door, Camera+, iPhoneography, IPH100

Riad Farnatchi hotel interior

Dar Marjana restaurant ( the Moroccan restaurant where I gave belly dancing a go)

Dar Marjana Atmosphere, FX100Dar Marjana Atmosphere, FX100

Best date restaurant

and the Italian Bar at the extremely glamorous La Moumounia Hotel. The music is a cover of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” by Malik Adouane which I first heard at Le Comptoir.

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Rost in Translation: First Day in Tokyo

My trip to Tokyo started fantastic much thanks to my friends Shuhei and Alan who hung out with me in Asakusa and showed me a great time. Here’s an image gallery from my first full day in Tokyo.


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Bellydancers and Riad Farnatchi: notes from Marrakesh, Morocco!

I’m in Morocco for a few days and doing my best to check out the funky old medina yet avoid the carpet stores. I’ve written about my experiences with them in past in my post for Tablet Talk Magic Carpet Ride. This trip I’m focusing on reviewing bellydancers, sampling hookahs, and watching the snake charmers in the souk.

Spicy Kefta

Moroccan cuisine

My base this trip is the fantastic Riad Farnatchi which is owned by a delightful Brit named James Wix whose love of Morocco is infectious.

Hookah and Moroccan Mint Tea

 HookahRiad Farnatchi

Tea Ceremony


Off to rock the Kasbah!



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