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Where To Find The Best Margaritas in Austin: Güero’s Taco Bar

The Purest Margarita at Guero’s Taco Bar

One of the perks of having a BFF who lives in Austin is that you never go wrong with restaurant recommendations. I was staying at the Hyatt Regency Austin, and I wanted to grab some good Tex-Mex and a margarita before heading to the airport. My BFF friend, Katie, has lived in Austin for years didn’t hesitate a beat before saying “go to Güero’s Taco Bar on South Congress.” Katie never steers me wrong in the food and beverage sector.

Güero’s is located in a former feed store on South Congress Avenue

Guero’s is a funky taqueria and they scored a home run in the margarita department. I went for the Purest ($7.75, made with Patron Silver, Patron Citronge, and fresh squeezed lime juice). It was not overly sweet and had a nice kick. I even ordered a second,which I didn’t finish. I’m a lightweight but it was refreshing and a great selection for a hot spring day in Austin.

Güero’s Still Life

Güero’s has an extensive margarita and cantina menu for those who like their drinks a little more exotic. Texas has some quirky laws regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages (especially on Sundays) so if you head to Güero’s for Sunday brunch, you also have to order food.

The extensive cantina menu at Güero’s Taco Bar

Güero’s had a great breakfast menu as well. The Huevos Mexicanos for $5.79 got a thumbs up from my husband. I went for tacos a la carte (mine ranged from $3.75 to $3.95 per taco). The menu also had gluten free and vegan options.

Tacos at Güero’s

Güero’s is located in a converted old feed store from the 1800s and it was nice to sit outside and watch the action on South Congress Avenue.

Huevos Mexicanos at Güero’s

Besides being tasty, Güero’s was a bargain. I definitely will be returning on my next visit to Austin.

Güero’s Exterior

Güero’s is just the sort of fun restaurant that helps keep Austin weird (and cool). It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a great place to eat in Austin.

Guero’s Taco Bar

1412 S Congress Ave,

Austin, TX 78704, United States

Phone:(512) 447-7688

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The Truth About Waiting For the Famous Bats of Austin

Waiting for Bats at  Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin

Austin, Texas is home to one of the largest urban bat colonies in the world. The estimated bat population varies between 750,000 and and estimated 1.5 million bats and one of the best places to view them is from Congress Avenue Bridge.

I spent this past weekend staying at the Hyatt Regency Austin, which overlooks this bridge. I was attending a Bat Mitzvah party on the 17th floor of the hotel, which provided a great view of people gathering at dusk to see the bats. I got really excited since the DJ kept hyping that the bats would be showing up “any second.”

I even decided to try out the new Cinamatic video app in hopes of documenting some cool bat action on my iPhone.

Waiting for the Bats in Austin: A Cinamatic Video

What the DJ failed to mention–but local Austinites did– is that May isn’t the best time of year to view the Austin bats. The bats spend their winters in Mexico and start migrating back to Austin in March. The best months for seeing the  (mostly) Mexican free-tailed bats are the summer months– a local told me August was the best month for bat viewing. If you’re planning a visit to Austin I’d suggest checking out this nifty link from which has twice weekly updates with estimated bat emergence times and suggested viewing locations.

While my bat viewing experience was a #fail,  I did enjoy using the Cinamatic app ($1.99 in iTunes) and now have an excuse to come back to Austin during the summer when more bats are in residence.

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