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#FriFotos: Clocks & Time Around the Globe

Today’s #FriFotos theme is about Clocks  and/or Time. The first clock picture I felt the need to include had to include is the vintage clock from an old train station in the Netherlands which I bought at an antique store in Auckland, New Zealand. Now hangs in my back yard in Los Angeles, California. The clock pictured below has been 3/4 of the way around the world.

Dutch Train Station Clock

Antique Dutch Train Station Clock

Other clock images aren’t so literal. Some travel experiences take you to back in time. Visiting the mid-century modern lobby of Tokyo’s Hotel Okura makes you feel like you’re in a James Bond film. Indeed, part of You Only Live Twice was shot there. 

Hotel Okura Lobby mid-century modern
Hotel Okura Lobby mid-century modern

The round bed I had in my room at the W Soeul could only be described as shagedelic made me think I was in an Austin Powers flick stuck in a very glamorous version of the ’60s. It was cool, but I could not figure out how they made that bed. And I got really twisted up in the sheets.

W Soeul Shagedelic bed

W Soeul Shagedelic bed

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EyeEm Spotlight Post: meeting EyeEm Rockstars

Roof top Bar Melbourne

I am very excited to have some of my mobile photography images from Tokyo, Sydney (including my incredible view from The Four Seasons Sydney) and Melbourne featured on the EyeEm Blog today, along with my post about meeting some exceptional mobile photographers in Japan and Australia. I hope you check it and enjoy it. Much thanks to Severin and the gang at EyeEm for giving me the opportunity to contribute!

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Jet Lag is Kind of Like Memento

Jet lag sometimes makes you feel like Leonard from Memento. You wake up, not remembering where you went to bed or where you are. It’s an occupational hazard. I am not complaining. This morning it took me a minute to figure out I was in Sydney, Australia. The stunning view of The Harbour Bridge from my room at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney gave it away.


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