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Mexican Food in GIFs: Dining at Las Alamandas Jalisco, Mexico

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The shrimp tacos became a daily must have at Las Alamandas

My recent trip to Mexico involved my first visit to Jalisco’s Costalegre, where my husband and I stayed at Las Alamandas. We’re both fans of good Mexican food and arrived hungry and ready to eat a late lunch at La Palapa Beach Club.

Shrimp Tacos

 Shrimp tacos GIF

We were quickly served our first round of excellent (and inexpensive) margaritas and were very surprised when we saw the menu and found very little Mexican food on it. Instead selections included dishes like Asian shrimp and pasta. Who comes to Mexico to eat Asian shrimp? We asked our waiter to speak to the chef and Head Chef Alejandro Morales quickly arrived to chat with us.


Gazpacho GIF 

Chef Alex (as he’s called) was very friendly and had no problem letting us order off the menu. He prepared chicken enchiladas, shrimp tacos, and guacamole for us. He even honored my request for no raw onions and the dishes were all muy delicioso. We continued to order off the menu for the rest of the trip, and Chef Alex had no problem serving whatever we asked for.

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros with green tomato salsa GIF

The breakfast menu featured many more Mexican specialities– eggs a la Mexicana, Eggs Machacha with dried beef, onion and poblano chile. Chilaquiles were on the menu as well as what became our go-to favorite, the Huevos Rancheros, served with either red salsa or green. The green salsa was outstanding and Chef Alex remembered our preferences.

Fresh Fruit

Tropical fruit platter with Mexican lime GIF

The breakfast menu also had a host of other non-Mexican options, including organic oatmeal, muesli with coconut milk, French toast, pancakes and waffles.

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Coffee con leche with a hammock at La Palapa Beach club

The coffee was tasty and the views of the pacific from La Palapa were a great way to start the day. The space is beautiful and also includes a lovely hammock should you wish to hang out while you’re digesting.


Top notch margaritas for $6 US at Las Alamandas

I don’t think the menu at Las Alamandas would work for serious foodies who are looking to explore the vibrant and happening Mexican food scene. Chef Alex had no problem accommodating all our requests, which is great since the resort is so private and isolated that there are not a lot of other options for dining nearby.

Las Alamandas Resort
Carretera Federal 200 km 83.5
Costalegre, Jalisco, Mexico

Toll Free US: 1888 882 9616
Toll Free Mexico: 1800 8366640
Tel 52 322 285 5500

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Where to eat in St. Lucia: Cacao Cuisine at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

Night exterior at Boucan by Hotel Chocolate

St. Lucia is a big producer of cacao, so much so that they export it to American chocolate companies like Hersey’s. So it’s not really much of a shocker that cacao cuisine is a thing on the island. I decided to check it out for myself by getting dinner at the restaurant at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat.

View of the Pitons from Boucan

The restaurant has a lovely bar area and a smashing view of the Pitons, and is located very close to Sugar Beach, where I was staying. I’d highly recommend getting to the bar for a cacao cocktail even if a chocolate-themed dinner doesn’t sound good to you.

Left: my Chocolate Daiquiri Right: Cacao infused trio of dips for bread

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I enjoyed my chocolate daiquri ($14). Made with rum, cocoa, and cream, it wasn’t overly sweet and reminded me of chocolate beverages like Yoo-Hoo and Choc-ola which I have fond memories of from my youth.

Cacao gazpacho

Before dinner was served, our waiter brought us an amuse bouche of a cacao infused onion soup which was not a big winner for me. The dips served with the bread– including one with a cacao-infused balsamic vinegar were not at all bad and kind of intriguing and gave me hopes that this wasn’t going to be an entirely novelty dinner. First up– Cacao gazpacho. The soup was fairly traditional save for the finely ground cacao nibs which weren’t a strong flavor note.

Left: Cacao Martini Right: Rum mist served with Lime

For my 2nd drink I went for the Fresh Cacao Martini ($16), made with vodka, fresh estate cacao pulp, soursop juice and lemon verbena. My husband went for the Rum Mist ($12), served with Chairman’s rum shaken with crushed ice and lime.

I was not a fan of the cacao-infused onion soup amuse bouche

The citrus salad ($11) was served with white chocolate dressing was also nice and  pleasant hints of chocolate that I found interesting. I found the entrees including my Curried Coconut & Cacao Chicken ($31) and Filet with Dark Chocolate Port Wine Sauce ($45) less successful and less memorable for the price point, but they were not bad.

Pitons after dark at Boucan

I don’t think Cacao cuisine is my thing, but I really enjoyed my chocolate infused cocktails. My advice– definitely come to Boucan for a chocolate drink and an appetizer, but don’t commit to dinner unless you’re a die hard chocolate fan.

Boucan Restaurant & Bar by Hotel Chocolat

Rabot Estate, Soufriere 312, St. Lucia

Breakfast is served from 7.00 – 10.00
Lunch is served from 12.00 – 14.30
Dinner is served from 18.30 – 21.30

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