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The Emirates First Experience… in GIFS

A smiling air hostess aboard an Emirates flight from DWF to DXB

I’ve flown a few legs on Emirates in First Class recently. Since nothing is going to top the video my husband and I made back in 2009, I needed to come up with another way to capture the experience.

The Emirates Flight Crew at DFW airport GIF

I thought it might be fun to do GIF post.

2004 Dom Perginon prior to take off GIF

I shot these images as stills on my iPhone 6 and then turned them into GIFS using the Giffer Pro App ($3.99)

Dates before take off on Emirates First

Emirates is known for hiring very attractive “brand ambassadors” as flight attendants. Here my husband enjoys one of the dates offered to Emirates First prior to take off.

Arabic coffee pour with a smile GIF

Small cups of arabic coffee are poured prior by an Emirates flight attendant. I love their I dream of Jeannie style hats. Giffer Pro also offers fun filters which help compensate for bad airplane light.

The Emirates First shuttle at Dubai International Airport

Giffer Pro also allows you to turn video into a GIF, like I did with the video I shot on my iPhone above.

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My Emirates First Experience Aboard an A380

Getting comfortable in Suite 1E with a glass of Dom Perignon

In March I flew in Emirates First Class from Dubai to London, aboard an A380. The experience was highly enjoyable. Emirates has fantastic crew from many different countries, which reflects the international appeal of the airline.

The First Class Suites, which can even be closed if you want additional privacy, come complete with your own private mini-bar featuring 2 kinds of water. I was a little shocked it was not refrigerated, but I wasn’t complaining.

There are is also an Onboard Lounge behind business class where you can socialize and get something to nibble on or a drink, as well as an additional First Class Social Area with a bar, but with no bartender.

I shot some video during this flight and hope you enjoy it.

The seat controls for the Emirates First Suites. There are onboard power outlets too.

Left: Truth: the tea tasted like Arabic coffee. Right: My personal mini-bar

I love the I Dream of Jeannie-inspired hats and scarves worn by female members of the Emirates crew

My only issue with this flight was that I was not offered a sleep suit (perhaps because it was day time flight). I’m pretty sure if I would have asked for one, a sleep suit would have been magically delivered to my seat/suite.  The flight had wifi, and I was a bit surprised that First Class passengers had to pay to use it. Fortunately it was a Saturday so it was a non-issue.

Paulo, my Italian-born Flight Attendant, made sure my Champagne glass stayed full.

Left: The caviar course Right: The Thai chicken curry

Then there is the food. It’s fine dining in the sky. From the Arabic coffee and dates prior to take off, to the extensive menu with selections ranging from miso marinated salmon to beef. The caviar portion was generous and traditional local Arabic mezze platter that were straight up good (not just “good for airplane food.”). The Thai chicken curry which absolutely the best in-flight meal I’ve ever had. It was followed by delicious Arabic sweets, including katayef and cashew nut baklava.

The Emirates Mezze Platter paired nicely with the Dom Perignon

The shower suites are off the hook– you can book a time to take your shower and are allowed 15 minutes in the suite (you get 5 minutes of shower water time, and an additional 10 minutes for using the rest of the facilities.) The water pressure is strong and the shower suites– painted with the architecture of the Dubai skyline- are jammed with amenities including a hairdryer.

The shower suites feature flattering lighting and scenic painting of the Dubai skyline

Left: The First Class Social Area Right: The Onboard Lounge, located behind business class

There is not one bar but two on board, should you not be satisfied with the fabulous service offered by the Emirates flight attendants. I felt the need to try out both the First Class Social Area (located at the front of the cabin, near the shower suites) as well as the more happening Onboard Lounge (located behind Business Class). The Onboard Lounge comes complete with a bartender and benches to sit on. I think the Onboard Lounge is the better in-flight bar option.

The First Class Social Area comes stocked with beverages and snacks

The First Class Suites come complete with Do Not Disturb Signs

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Check Out My Cathay Pacific Video Featured on The Smartflyer Blog

I’m so excited that Smartflyer is featuring my Cathay Pacific video today. While I had the privilege of flying in Singapore Airlines first class last month from SFO to SIN and was impressed with their service (and in-flight choice of Krug or Dom Perignon) and staying power of their flight attendants hairdos, it didn’t come close to the experience on my favorite airline, Cathay Pacific.

I find Cathay Pacific so far and away the best, I’ll take their herringbone layout business class over any US carrier’s international first class product. Cathay’s combination of style and service can’t be beat.

Above: Cathay’s Herringbone layout in International Business Class

If you’re new to the blog, I hope you enjoy my Cathay plane porn video. I am scheduled to fly in Cathay’s first class again in March from Los Angeles (LAX) to Hong Kong (HKG)– stay tuned to the blog for more in-flight Cathay goodness!

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FriFotos: Suites and Sweets in Singapore

A glass of just sweet enough bubbly Perrier Jouet with my friend & #FriFotos host,Charles Yap

I just got back from a trip to Asia and on my way there, I got a chance to fly  in one of Singapore Airlines First Class Suites from San Francisco (SFO) to Seoul (ICN) to Singapore (SIN). While I’ve got a ton of photo editing to do (look for  more in-depth posts about my trip in the future),  in honor of #FriFotos “Sweets” them this week,  here  are a few photographic highlights of the sweetest things in Singapore.

If you’d like to take part in the #Frifotos photo chat on twitter you can find the details here.

Chocolate Donuts on the amazing Fullerton Bay Hotel‘s Breakfast buffet

Left: Sweet & Savory high Tea Delights Fullerton Bay. Right: Fresh tropical fruit amenity at the Intercontinental Singapore

Fruit Juice selection at the  Fullerton Bay breakfast buffet. They also had strawberry milk. Sweet and delicious

Bubbly and a Singapore Sling at the Club Intercontinental Lounge. Singapore Slings photography nicely but are too sweet for my taste.

Dom Perignon and Krug both served in-flight in the sweet Singapore Suites

The Suite Life:  Singapore Airlines First Class

Check out the EVA Air Hello Kitty Plane I saw at the Incheon International Airport in Korea. That is one sweet plane!

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Mile High Food Porn: A Mobile Photography Experiment

Food on an airplane, with raisins. Cathay Pacific Business class from Jo'Burg to Hong Kong

Food on an airplane, with raisins. Cathay Pacific Business class from Jo’Burg to Hong Kong

35,000 feet above sea level remains the final frontier for foodie culture. There are good reasons for airplane food being notoriously bad. If you combine the economics of running an airline, the scale of mass catering, and the limitations of food prep in a jet galley you have reason enough for lackluster sky catering.  The fact that your taste buds are dulled at altitude doesn’t help.  Meal service has been cut back as standard on so many flights in this day of no-frills air carrier, that I take no mug of tea-that-tastes-like-coffee for granted.

As a general note, US carriers are sub-par in the in flight meal service sector, and Asian carriers are known to excel, with Singapore and Cathay always ranking high. During my recent travels Cathay Pacific had by far the best dining and beverage options, but with my 11:30 pm departure from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, I was far more interested in getting sleep than finishing my caviar.

In flight meal service is more about passing the time on a flight than gaining sustenance. So I recently decided to turn those meals into photo experiments. While the rubber eggs are inedible, they can be a lovely shade of yellow if you’ve got nice window light. So turn that airplane catering into a photo op, I say.

Mobile Photography Tip:  The three apps I like most for food porn are Hipstamatic Foodie SnapPak (the Loftus lens adds a dreamy quality to landscapes and portaits, too), Camera+ (which has a nice little “food” scene default), and ProCamera (because you can lock focus and exposure separately, which is very useful if you have strong window light).

Here are some pictures of the airplane meals I’ve been served over the past few weeks, curated into a Mile High Food Porn gallery.

Fruit and yogurt. United business class. PS service LAX-JFK

Fruit and yogurt. United business class. PS service LAX-JFK , Business class, Hipstamatic, camera+, Mobile Photography

United PS service LAX-JFK, Business class, Hipstamatic, camera+, Mobile Photography

Eggs, potato, and sausage patty. United PS service LAX-JFK, Business class, Hipstamatic, camera+, Mobile Photography

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