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Australia’s Most Photogenic Pool: Bondi Icebergs

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The famous and often photographed oceanfront pool of Bondi icebergs

If pools were supermodels, the Bondi Icebergs Club oceanfront pool would be either Miranda Kerr or Elle Macpherson. It’s pure Australian, often photographed, and does not have a bad angle.

I shot this fun time lapse using the native camera on my iPhone 6 from the bar at Icebergs

If you’re visiting Sydney, you should know that Bondi Beach  a little out of the way, and a little bit hippy dippy. But Bondi has a fun surf scene, great dining spots, and great people watching. But it’s the incredible pool located at Bondi Icebergs Club that is one of it’s most photographic sights.


Waves and sand splash into the Bondi Icebergs Club pool regularly


Pool or ocean, swimmers take their pick

I just had a brief layover in Sydney and decided to make a point to fight my jet lag and go to Bondi Beach in an attempt to get a decent shot of this supermodel swimming pool without going in it. It’s winter in Sydney and this pool is cold. That’s why so many of the swimmers wear full wet suits while doing laps.


Into the blue at the Bondi Icebergs pool

I have an irrational fear of sharks in swimming pools. As much as my husband likes to tease me about this fear, even he agrees if there were ever going to be a shark in a swimming pool, this would be the one. I am much happier shooting photos.


Bondi Got Back

If you’re in Sydney and want to see the Bondi Icebergs pool for yourself, take an Uber not a taxi. It’s less expensive and a far more pleasant experience. I’d also suggest skipping dining at Icebergs and instead head to nearby Bondi Hardware. Pop into the bar at Icebergs for a drink only (and a great perspective of the pool).

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Icebergs #jumpstagram

Bondi Icebergs POOL & Swim Club

1 Notts Ave, Bondi Beach NSW 2026 (02) 9130 3120

Mon – Fri: 6.00am – 6.30pm

Sat & Sun: 6.30am – 6.30pm

Sauna Closes 6.20PM

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Cocktails & Sushi E at Sydney’s Hemmesphere Bar

Cocktail & a pretty cabinet at Sydney’s Hemmesphere Bar

Every time I visit to Sydney I make it a point to go to the Hemmesphere Bar for a cocktail and a little something to eat. Hemmesphere is located in the Central Business District and has a chic living room area filled with club chairs and couches. There is also semi-enclosed bamboo filled smokers terrace. It’s a fun place to people watch when the after work crowd comes in for Happy Hour.

Cocktail Culture is alive and well in Sydney: Sloe Sangaree at Hemmesphere Bar $A 18

They have an excellent cocktail menu filled with everything from Champagne cocktails, Highballs, punches, muddled drinks, fancy cocktails as well as a full selection of high end spirits– many of them showcased in a beautiful glass cabinet. This time I went for the I went for the sloe sangaree made with sloe gin, plum pisco, cynar, topped with homemade spicy ginger beer ($A 18). It was tasty and not overly sweet and topped with freshly spanked mint. While I appreciated the fragrance and visual appeal of the mint, a straw might have made drinking it a bit easier.

Left: Kingfish= yellowtail from Sushi e  Right: Prawn filled shumai dumplings

Sushi e, located at the back of Hemmesphere provides a tasty selection of Asian-inspired bar food. The Chinese influenced steamed prawn shumai dumplings with ponzu dipping sauce were so exceptional we ordered more.

Sushi chefs at work at Sushi e

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out that the fish known as yellowtail is called kingfish in Australia. Hemmesphere’s version from the sushi e kitchen featured 12 slices of kingfish topped with slices of ginger, chives, sesame seeds, drizzled with garlic and ponzu and lightly seared with olive oil. The kingfish dish was absolutely beautiful and flavorful, but a bit heavy on the oil for my taste.

Cool signage at Hemmesphere

Hemmesphere is just one of the restaurant & bar options in the Establishment Hotel complex. I’m a fan of the Establishment– it’s a lovely boutique hotel property right in the CBD. I also highly recommend chef Peter Doyle’s prix fixe lunch at est. restaurant where they have the best wines I’ve tasted in Australia.

Hemmesphere Bar

Level 4, Establishment

252 George Street, Sydney, 2000

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Drinking La Dolce Vita: In Italy it’s All About the Spritz Cocktail

Spritz & sunset in Ostuni

If you’ve ever spend time during the summer in Italy, you’ve probably come across the aperol spritz. This spritz cocktail is widely to believed to have been created during the 19th century Austrians occupation of Italy. Now it’s become the Italian answer to the UK’s Pimms cup: a drink that is synonymous with summer. It’s bright orange color just feels like summer and the bitters take the sweetness out of the Prosecco, making it a popular cocktail of choice for both men and women.

Spritz o’Clock at Relais La Sommità

Made with Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and aperol (an orange bitter liquer that taste very much like Campari- the company who produces it) the drink is served over rocks in a wine glass and seems to be only drink that Europeans serve with a generous amount of ice cubes. Sometimes it’s served with a straw since the bitters tend to settle at the bottom of the glass.

You can mix up your own batch of La Dolce Vita using this Aperol Spritz Cocktail recipe:

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 splash of soda or seltzer
garnish with orange slices

serve over ice cubes in a wine glass

In Rome, this spritz set me back €16

If you can’t find Aperol bitters, you can substitute Campari instead. They are quite similar.

In the town of Ostuni in Puglia, a spritz cost €8

Recipe for a Campari Spritz:

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Campari
1 part soda
garnish with orange slices & serve over ice

The spritz is served all day in Italy and it’s light and refreshing and perfect for a summer evening. If you’re not going to Italy this summer, whip up a batch for a cocktail staycation.

Cin cin from Roma!

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Notes from New York City: Dinner at NoMad

Superstar Roast Chicken for Two at NoMad

Last night I had dinner at the restaurant at The Nomad Hotel and was absolutely blown away by a roast chicken. The Nomad’s roast chicken for two costs $78 and is seriously next level. The classic dish is elevated even in it’s presentation.

You first see the bird when the waiters sweep your table with a little poultry catwalk, so it’s perfectly beautifully bronzed skin can be fully admired. Chic diners turn their heads to notice. Even those above instagramming every meal momentarily become poultry paparazzi, admiring the attractive bird nestled in it’s roasting pan.

The chicken disappears momentarily as it returns to the kitchen to be prepared two ways. The breast meat comes plated and is perfectly moist and unbelievably flavorful. Foie gras, stuffed under the skin, combines with and black truffle and brioche to make a sublime stuffing which sits on a tasty bed of lentils.

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