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Airstream in Africa: Rooftop Trailer Park in Cape Town

Grand Daddy sign

The Grand Daddy Hotel Sign on Long Street

Ever since the iconic  Airstream trailer when from white trash to tres chic, I’ve wanted to check one out for myself. It’s probably because I’ve seen a lot of John Waters films, not to mention I read in Rolling Stone that Lenny Kravitz lived in a carpeted Airstream on the island of Eleuthera while recording his last album. I have a credo: if it’s cool enough for Lenny, than it’s cool enough for me.

The hipster in me has wanted to bunk in a one of those R.V.s ever since I first heard about the trailer park hotel El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas. Image my delight when I stumbled upon a chic pay-per-night trailer hotel on the roof of The Grand Daddy Hotel in the middle of Long Street in Cape Town. Even better, there is a rooftop bar next to the park so you can have drinks delivered directly to your Airstream or astroturf lawn.

Yes, I’m into luxury and I’m way over the hostel thing but I love lodging with a sense of humor. And spending every night at the best hotels in Africa can get a bit boring (and expensive). So if you’re on looking for something a bit alternative (and that will make a really cool backdrop for your photos), then why not a hotel trailer for a change of pace? You might want to download Lost in America and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to set the mood for your non-road trip.

Grand Daddy Airstream park

Grand Daddy Roof Top Airstream Park: Complete With Lawn Ornaments

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