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Cathay Pacific, My New Favorite Airline

Reworking travel arrangements when plans go awry is a hazard of the trade, but sometimes it results in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.  On this particular trip I was stuck in Manila without a return ticket to Los Angeles. I wound up using miles to get an award ticket home on Cathay Pacific, an airline I rarely get to fly, but have always been impressed with.

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Always Swims Alone on Pixels

My latest iPhoneography image on Pixels! Taken from the 19th floor of the Tel Aviv Sheraton.

Notes From Jerusalem

Let me start off by saying that I am not a religious person and do not have a religious or political agenda while visiting The Holy Land. I’m here as a tourist, seeing what I get a chance to see and documenting my trip as best as I can. How else can I appreciate the fact that I’ve heard 3 different cover versions of “Personal Jesus” in the hotel bar? Stairway to Heaven is another song I’ve caught in heavy rotation.

Pool Party at P1xels

My picture, Pool Party (Mayakoba Series), is now up on P1xels.


Hushed Lobby

My latest iPhoneography image has posted at Pixels at an exhibition. It was shot in the lobby of the W Barcelona hotel.

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