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Macworld 2013

I shot this image of mobile photographer Dan Berman (founder of the Mobile Photography Awards) shooting my fellow EyeEm Ambassadors  Star Rush and Misho Baranovic using the high ISO feature on the Hueless app.

Yesterday I arrived in San Francisco to attend MacWorld 2013‘s Mobile Masters Workshop. Last night I hung out with a bunch of fellow mobile photographers and wound up talking shop and downloading a few new apps: Thirty Six, and Hueless, which was particularly useful for shooting in low light.

Today I’ll be attending the Mobile Masters Workshop, and if the wifi at Moscone Center allows, doing some live tweeting from the event. You can follow me on twitter here. We’ve created an album for the event on EyeEm called Macworld 2013 if you want to follow our images from the event.

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NYC in January: a Mobile Photo Essay

Couple with a camera at the Top of the Rock

I was in New York City for a few days last week and the frigid January temperatures made traditional street photography both unpleasant and not practical. I found myself shooting pictures from places I was sheltered from the elements (like the back of taxis and behind windscreens at Top of the Rock). I’ve pulled together my favorite images from the trip into this photo essay.

I never get tired of taking pictures of tourists taking pictures. I shot this couple on the viewing deck of Top of the Rock. Shot with ProCamera and edited with CrossProcess App.

Views of Midtown, shot from (Left) Top of the Rock and (right) a taxi

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FriFotos: Urban Observations from NYC’s Top of the Rock

A hipstamatic view from the Top of the Rock

New York City has many urban treasures, among them a few fabulous observation deck views.

The Top of the Rock Observatory might not be as well known as the Empire State Building’s, but the views it offers are (in my opinion) a bit better. Located on the 67th-69th floor of Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock underwent a $75 million dollar renovation before re-opening to the public in 2005. This recent renovation included outfitting the deck with glass windshields which give more clear lines of sight to the urban landscape below.

Located between 49th and 50th streets, Top of the Rock gives you clear views of Central Park, the Empire State Building, and a glimpse of the deco jewel of the Chrysler Building.

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The Strand Cafe in Yangon, Myanmar

Lunch at The Strand Cafe

I didn’t go to Myanmar for the cuisine. South east Asia has some of the tastiest food in the world, but Burmese specialties were not on my radar during my visit last month. Since I was staying at The Strand Hotel, I ate most of my meals at The Strand Cafe and found the menu and setting to both be delightful.

The Strand Cafe has a lively colonial vibe and gets busy at lunch when tour groups pop in for what I found to be the tastiest spot to have a bite to eat and get out of the heat of the mid-day sun. The cafe serves both colonial classics (such as curries) and southeast Asian cuisine that manages to be both delicate and satisfying and perfect for the environment.

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Notes from New York City: Dinner at NoMad

Superstar Roast Chicken for Two at NoMad

Last night I had dinner at the restaurant at The Nomad Hotel and was absolutely blown away by a roast chicken. The Nomad’s roast chicken for two costs $78 and is seriously next level. The classic dish is elevated even in it’s presentation.

You first see the bird when the waiters sweep your table with a little poultry catwalk, so it’s perfectly beautifully bronzed skin can be fully admired. Chic diners turn their heads to notice. Even those above instagramming every meal momentarily become poultry paparazzi, admiring the attractive bird nestled in it’s roasting pan.

The chicken disappears momentarily as it returns to the kitchen to be prepared two ways. The breast meat comes plated and is perfectly moist and unbelievably flavorful. Foie gras, stuffed under the skin, combines with and black truffle and brioche to make a sublime stuffing which sits on a tasty bed of lentils.

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