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FriFotos: For Sale in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

This week’s FriFotos theme is For Sale, which means we’re going on a virtual window shopping extravaganza to Istanbul’s amazing Grand Bazaar Kapalıçarşı (and surrounding neighborhood).

Turkish Delights

Turkish Delights

While the vast size of the Grand Bazaar can overwhelm, I stick to the jewelry aisles. You can buy any variation of an evil eye here, and there are several great stores there. My favorite is a gem box of a store called Epoque (though the sign reads Epok) located at Grand Bazaar 38 Sandal Bedesten Sok. This is where you find vintage jewelry of the five star variety. The glass cases and velvet boxes house an impressive collection of vintage jewelry including Cartier diamonds, antique designer watches, gold rings and snake cuffs, delicate previously owned bracelets, and stylish exotic gems from Turkey and other exotic locales. I could spend hours trying wonder how these amazing vintage jewels wound up in this amazing store.

Window shopping at Epok

Window shopping at Epok

Epok jewelry case

Epok jewelry case

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Prague Main Train Station: Picks, Pans, and Tips

Prague Main Train Station (Praha Hlavni Nadrazi) is the biggest and busiest train station in the Czech Republic. If you visit Prague, chances are you’ll spend some time at this large train station. Here are some tips for making your visit efficient.

 The outside of Prague Main Station (formerly known as Wilson Station)

The outside of Prague Main Station (formerly known as Wilson Station)

TIP: Check out the train schedule before you go.

The website has both English and German versions identifiable by the flag in the lower right corner (hint: Americans, sometimes you need to click on the Union Jack if there is no Stars & Stripes).

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Mobile Love in Berlin

Mobile Love in Tokyo

Mobile Love in Tokyo

I’m absolutely honored and thrilled that EyeEm has selected my Mobile Love at Tokyo Image* as one of three to be printed HUGE (1 meter x 1.3 meters) on canvas as part of the MLOVE exhibition starting Wednesday at a Castle near Berlin in conjunction with the MLOVE Confestival. If you’re near Berlin and in love with all things mobile (as I am) you should check it out (and please take a picture of it for me). If you want to see more great images of what mobile love means to people, read the EyeEm Spotlight and be sure to download the free EyeEm app for you mobile phone.

* I shot this image the day I got my geisha makeover. If you’re new to the blog, that post is worth checking out.

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A Tribute to Lonesome George, Galapagos Icon

Giant turtle Floriana Island Galapagos Ecuador, iPhone image

Picture of a giant turtle on Floriana Island in  Galapagos, Ecuador (mobile photography)

I was saddened yesterday to hear the news that Lonesome George, the last of his breed of giant Pinta tortoise in the Galapagos, had passed away at the approximate age of 100 years old.

I was lucky enough to meet Lonesome George when I got to visit the amazing Galapagos Islands of Ecuador in 2011. He was sleeping in the shade so I did not get a great picture of him. May he rest in peace (and find a mate) in The Great Tortoise Beyond.


Tourists stunned by a tortoise giant on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos

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A Glimpse Inside Pyongyang’s Victorious Fatherland War Museum in North Korea

 Bent propeller

Bent propeller of a vintage aircraft

It’s not as pretty as the Guggenheim Bilbao, or as much to my taste as MoMa in New York City, but without doubt, The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang, North Korea is the most unforgettable museum I have had the privilege to visit.

 Mural in entry way Mural shiny happy people holding hands Mural showing North Korean power

Murals of Kim Il Sung hang in the museum’s entryway and throughout the museum

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