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Beach Postcard Cliché iPhoneography Challenge

Hola from Mexico!tequila

I’m spending the weekend at the Imanta Punta Mita and enjoying the beach while my friend and fellow mobile photographer, Tanya, is half a world away in the Philippines also spending a weekend at the beach.

We decided it might be fun to have an iPhoneography challenge so we’ve decided to use our iPhones and go on a tropical scavenger hunt. Inspired by the overused beach postcard clichés and those Dream Date episodes of The Bachelor, we’re having a virtual scavenger hunt and attempting to capture our own versions of those images digitally so we can share them (and some iPhoneography tips) in an upcoming post.

Here’s our target list:

  • Palm trees
  • a sunset
  • Cheesy use of Star Filter
  • Champagne in a bucket
  • a boat
  • a tropical drink
  • A couple (usually wrongly exposed)
  • a bathing suit (Interesting Choice in Swimwear Category)
  • a hat
  • Local/native clothing that would look stupid at home or office
  • Tropical fruit
  • Sea shell (bonus points if used as jewelry)
  • Couple in love wearing white button downs (I do not understand why people get engaged and feel the need to take pictures in matching white button downs! WTF?)
  • Flower in hair
  • Snorkel gear
  • Use of flower petals in romantic context
  • Image suitable for religious greeting card
  • Faceless Bachelor
  • Catch of the Day: free category Trophy Lobster or Hot Cabana Boy

So I’m off with my iPhone.

Hasta luego,



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The Magical Mystery treatment with Dr. Homer Lim – My Medical Tourism Experience

Admittedly I’m an American girl when it comes to medicine (my father was a physician), and I take my health very seriously. I am very fortunate to have the resources that allow me to have good medical insurance,a wonderful and social media savvy internist, and MedJetAssist medical evacuation insurance. But I also believe that western medicine doesn’t have all the answers, and am happy to sample from all schools of well-being as long it might help and won’t hurt.

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Girls Not On Film: Celebrating Mobile Photography and Jody Frost

San Francisco

I’m currently  San Francisco this weekend to attend the Mobile Photography Conference with my fellow shutterbabe, Jody Frost.

I first met Jody Frost at an iPhoneography workshop in Santa Fe. She impressed me immediately. Her iPhone work was bold, sexy and embraced feminine sexuality in such an empowering, bold, and refreshing way yet somehow still manages to look like fine art. Jody is impossible not to notice. There’s the obvious–  that she’s a smart, strong and beautiful woman with dancer’s legs and grace that exudes power and class.  She speaks softly yet with authority. We bonded over our mutual love of Agent Provocateur, a saucy but spectacular British lingerie company.

Jody Frost Slow Shutter

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Gin and Juice at London’s Arch Bar


Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, Rick’s Café Américain is no longer the most noteworthy.  That honor now belongs to The Arch Bar in London, my new favorite spot to drop a few British pounds for an extraordinary cocktail.

 Cocktail Porn Money Shot

Cocktail Porn Money Shot

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Ladurée Macarons: my favorite budget luxury in Paris!

Urban legend often attributes Marie Antoinette with saying, “let them eat cake”* a historical inaccuracy that associates the French with expensive taste in dining. Yet one of the best and most flavorful French dining experiences is a budget luxury- a Ladurée petit macaron priced at an affordable  €1.65.

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