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Animate up your travels with .gifs – new post on

Not much into shooting video to capture your trip abroad? Do Ken Burns slideshows bore you to tears? Lucky for you, animated .gifs (short for “graphic interchange format”) are all the rage among on the social media circuit, and can be a fun way to document (and share) some of your travel action. Instead of sending a plane Jane video of that insane Hula Dancer you saw in Waikiki, why not remind your friends and family that you are ahead of the curve by sharing it as a fun animation?

Check my new post on “Animate up your travels with .gifs”.

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Breast Envy


My friend, the Rebecca, is an amazing photographer. Recently, we took a girls’ day (with Rebecca’s mom in tow)  and checked out the BeautyCULTure Exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography. It’s a pretty fantastic exhibit, replete with images that are both beautiful and thought provoking.

Beware Of Elephant Pickpockets: Tips for Thailand and Laos


Beware of Elephant Pick Pockets: Advice for your first visit to Thailand.

I got this email from blog reader Marianna, who lives in the Ukraine and is getting ready to visit Thailand and Laos for the first time.

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Back To School (That I Didn’t Go To)

I just spent a few days in Berkeley, attending the P1xels Art of the iPhone Show at the Giorgi Gallery, and catching up with some friends.


While I didn’t go to Cal, I like to pretend that I did since it’s my husband’s alma mater and I have visited the campus more than a few times. I even met some of the workers who are currently renovating the university’s football stadium. My base camp for the trip was The Hotel Durant, which has been very cleverly remodeled since I last bunked there. I was impressed with the Hogwarts for Stoners vibe, and appreciated the sense of humor in the decor.

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Food Porn in a Secret Kitchen


“Meet us at the market parking lot at 8…Bring beer.” …said the cryptic text as we prepared ourselves to be kidnapped by some guerillas in Manila. Nobody freak out. By guerillas I actually mean the guerilla chefs of Manila-based Pinoy Eats World – a company that creates events that revolve around food. To be honest, I was quite willing to be captured — strike that — I begged to be taken to their secret kitchen where they would be cooking a special dinner as my introduction to Filipino cuisine.

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