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One hand on my iPhone, and the other one is ditching my camera bag

Ok – maybe not completely true.  After all, there isn’t an app yet that can give me the optics and control I have on my Canon 5D or the texture and resolution of my Diana F+. However, there is a new movement afoot and it has a name: iPhoneography.

It’s early in the game, but there are already a staggering number of apps that are vying for your attention and your money. I’ve sorted through a few and put together a video post for your viewing pleasure. Watch out for the cameos by Erina Pindar and Kelly Teller.

Lipstick Junkie on P1xels

My latest iPhoneography self-portrait posted at P1xels!


You don’t need a Wingman if you have an iPod

We all know Apple has more cash than the US reserves. Their products ( of which I have a few) do not come cheap and that’s why I’m always happy to find a new use for my gadgets.

She’s Got Legs Posted at P1xels!

She's Got Legs #2

She's Got Legs #2 (Jody Frost Series)

She’s Got Legs #2, an iPhoneography image I shot & apped last night at the P1xels event in San Franciso just posted on P1xels. The legs belong to the incredible Jody Frost, who in addition to being an an amazing photographer, iPhoneographer is a fabulous model. She also dances the tango. The event was a wild success (standing room only) and it was fun to meet my fellow iPhoneographers and talk shop, and apps! Much thanks to Knox Bronson for including my work.

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P1xels Event in SFO

The P1xels at an Exhibition event is tonight at 7:00pm PST, at the Apple Store in San Francisco. I’ll be there. Let me know if you will too.

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